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Corporate Governance Code

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The Group emphasizes and invests in the creation of an integrated corporate governance framework that is in line with best international practices and the current regulatory and legislative framework.

AVE S.A applies the Principles of Corporate Governance, in compliance with the Greek legislation with the aim of transparency and responsible operation of the Company in all areas of its activity.

In this context, it adopts the Corporate Governance Code of the Association of Businesses and Industries and the Athens Stock Exchange (SEV / ATHEX) for Listed Companies (hereinafter the “Code”), which can be found at the following email address»

For what reasons

Purpose of Corporate Governance
of the AVE Group

The aim is to achieve effective control over the managers of the resources owned by the shareholders in order to improve corporate performance and promote the concept of accountability that leads to the creation of long-term value for shareholders (shareholder value).

Corporate Governance Code


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