Core Business Units




Teleunicom was founded in 1995 and since its inception has been active in the distribution of mobile telephony products.

Twenty years of experience in the telecommunications market, the commercial and technological specialization of its executives, as well as the high level of support of its associates have distinguished the company, resulting in trust and cooperation with leading companies in the telecommunications industry, as well as well-known chains of electrical and electronic items in Greece and Cyprus.

Teleunicom Profile

It is the official and exclusive representative of Sony Smartphones & Accessories in the Greek market. In April 2017, the company officially undertook the distribution of Huawei Smartphones and the exclusive distributor of Huawei Tablets & Accessories in Greece.

  • Teleunicom now has the HUAWEI laptops category in the Greek market.
  • The company also represents the brands HUAWEI and SONY in the Cypriot market through Teleunicom Cyprus.



Huawei is a leader in all aspects of AI, covering smartphones, computers, tablets, mobile devices and cloud devices. Huawei through its advanced devices provides the latest technologies to consumers based on the latest developments, connecting more and more people around the world.


Η ιστορία της LENOVO ξεκίνησε πριν από περισσότερες από τρεις δεκαετίες με μια ομάδα έντεκα μηχανικών στην Κίνα. Σήμερα, αποτελείται από μια ποικιλία ομάδων πρωτοποριακών στοχαστών και πρωτοπόρων σε περισσότερες από 160 χώρες, συνεχώς επαναπροσδιορίζοντας την τεχνολογία και να επιλύουν δύσκολες παγκόσμιες προκλήσεις. Στη LENOVO υπάρχει αφοσίωση στη μετατροπή της εμπειρίας των πελατών της με την τεχνολογία – και πώς, και αυτές, αλληλεπιδρούν με τον κόσμο γύρω μας. Αυτό ονομάζεται Intelligent Transformation. Η LENOVO θέτει τη σκηνή για ό, τι είναι δυνατόν με την τεχνολογία που έχει διαμορφωθεί από την Augmented Intelligence, ικανή να ενισχύσει και να αυξήσει την ανθρώπινη ικανότητα.

Core Business Units



Distribution of videogames, gadgets, laptops, traditional games and development of electronic/video game software

Subsidiary business units



GLOBALSAT A.E. is active in the distribution of mobile telephony products and technology


Power Media Productions

Services of post audio and video production (compilation, subtitling, etc.)



Office support and Stationery Supplies (B2B), provision of MPS services


Anadisis Smart Α.Ε

The newly established subsidiary will be active in the field of services.


Retail & More Α.Ε.

In 2021 TELEUNICOM A.E. proceeded to expand its activities, founding the company Retail & More SA.

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